The Different Types Of Roof

A roof is undoubtedly one of the most important structures of the house and will protect you from all of nature’s furies. You will be protected from rains, thunderstorms, hail, and many more kinds of natural things that happen on our earth. A good roof would also insulate your house and protect you from harsh temperatures no matter where you live. The roof is obviously the outer and top part of your house. The primary purpose of a roof is to provide shelter and protection, which it does, properly. It will also provide safety and privacy against criminals of the world.


Roofs could actually have windows and even skylights. Skylights are fantastic ways to allow tons of natural light into the building and skylights are even a fantastic way to allow a lot of fresh air as well, given that you live in an area where fresh air is not hard to come by. Ventilation is one of the most important things that you can have in your house. They also include chimneys, drainage, lighting, access routes, etc. All of these things are really important parts of the house. In this article, I have listed out the many types of roofs that are there on the houses of the world.

–    Canopy

–    Blue roof

–    Closed couple roof

–    Collar roof

–    Cold roof

–    Conical roof slating

–    Cool roof

–    Dome roof

–    Domestic roof

–    Fabric roof

–    Fiber cement

–    Flat roof

–    Gambrel roof

–    Geodesic

–    Green roof

–    Hyperbolic parabolic

–    Long span roof

–    Mansard roof

–    Mono pitch roof

–    Purlin roof

–    Pitched roof

–    Rafter

–    Roofing defects

–    Saw-tooth roof

–    Shell roof

–    Shingle roofing

–    Thatch roofing

–    Truss

–    Vault

–    Warm roof

Roofs are the part of the house that is some of the most neglected. That is because people think that roofs are invincible and cannot be damaged. But, quite the contrary, roofs are actually one of the most neglected parts of the house, and it is because the owners never really care about roofs. Well, if you live in climatic conditions where there isn’t any harsh weather, you could potentially have the roof without any issues. Some roofs will actually last more than 50 years if they are properly taken care and by that I mean you should hire a roofing contractor who will make sure that your roof is in top-notch condition.

If roofs are neglected and if they are exposed to a lot of rain, you could potentially risk getting mold in the roof, and that would require you to get a whole new roof altogether, which would prove to be expensive.

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